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Biochar Producers,

Know your Impact...

tons of Biochar


tons of CO2 removed


...and sell it!


The Carbon Market is booming

There is a 305.8 million dollar market that has a high demand for carbon removals. Now is your time to tap into this market and accelerate the growth of your biochar business.

We help you to get your carbon removals certified!

1. Calculate your impact​
2. Get it certified
3. Sell your carbon removals

Let's get started!

Why am I not getting paid yet?

Potential buyers can not afford the risk of non-certified carbon removals. It wouldn't be the first time, that a carbon removal claim turns into a greenwashing scandal.

Certification reduces risk for your Buyer

Make it easier for companies to pay for your climate services by calculating and certifying your impact!

Certification Support - From Start to Finish

The voluntary carbon market can be confusing. We are here to help you find the certification and carbon removal marketplace that works for YOUR business. 

Take the first step today and get a free evaluation of your potential in the carbon market!

Our Service

Our Services

New Revenue Streams

We help biochar business to grow faster with a new

revenue stream. Cross-

finance your operations with certified carbon removals.

A Certification that works for you

We don't favor one certificate, we favor what works for you! And if there is no standard

that meets your standards, we help you self-market.

All the Support you need

...whether you start from zero or just need a Life Cycle Analysis . We give you all the support you need to secure your future in the carbon market. 

How does it work?

Biochar Producers (1).png

Independent certification bodies

set the standards for calculating,

monitoring, and certifying your

carbon removals. We help you...

Calculate - How much CO2 does your biochar remove?

Monitor -Document quality 

and quantity of biochar produced.

Get certified -  Validation of your monitoring and issuance of certificates.


Net-Zero Goals increase the demand for your Carbon Removals!

...that in 2021, Microsoft paid


for the carbon removals of only 3 biochar producers? As they "found relatively few biochar projects available to purchase".

Did you know?
The Carbon Market

Calculate your own Impact!

Coming soon...


A calculator to determine the actual carbon sink potential of your biochar!
...according to the EBC C-Sink Certificate.

Get notified when the Calculator is up!

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Successful Certification in 3 Steps

Biochar Calculator
Certification Process

We evaluate your Potential

Contact us for a FREE evaluation of your

potential on the carbon market.

Get your FREE evaluation

You choose a Certification

We give you an overview

of suitable certifications

for your biochar business you can choose.


The Certification Process

We guide you through

the whole process,

prepare required reports and calculations.



  • I am a small producer. Can I still have my carbon removals certified?
    Yes, you can! Many certifications require an extensive monitoring which is only possible with an industrial size production plant. Alternatives for small producers include: - Forming Co-ops - Self-marketing Carbon Removals - Upcoming Standards Feel free to reach out and discuss your options with us.
  • What Standards are there?
    There are generally two types of standards. 1. Quality Standards Quality Standards ensure the quality of the biochar. A quality certification is useful to market your biochar to end-users. Examples of quality certifications are GMP+ for biochar feed additives, EBC certifications like EBC-Agro, or the IBI certification. 2. Carbon Standards Carbon Standards set the guidelines to calculate, monitor and certify your carbon offsets. A carbon removal certification is needed to enter the carbon market and create a new revenue stream. Examples of carbon removal certifications are Puro which focuses on all carbon removals, Carbonfuture which focusese on biochar or Verra the largest standard in the voluntary carbon market. Get in touch if you want to discuss which certifications you are eligable for.
  • How much can I sell a carbon removal for?
    This is the most common question when people first enter the carbon market. There is no answer to this. The voluntary carbon market is based on the concept of "additionality". This means, without the additional money from the carbon removal, the carbon removal would not have happend. So the better questions is: How much does it cost me to produce the carbon removal? ...and how much can I cover with the sales of my biochar. As always, there are some exceptions from the "additionality" concept. Some standards also allow already profitable businesses to certify their carbon removals. Another question would be: How much are customers willing to pay? You probably already googled for prices and came to the conclusion, that the price is 100$ or more per ton of CO2 removed. These values are biochar specific, as most producers have high production costs. The usual price for a carbon offset from e.g. afforestation is below 20$ per ton of CO2 removed... which is what most companies are buying. If you have any more questions about pricing of biochar carbon removals, feel free to contact us.
  • How long does it take to get certified?
    There is no set timeframe. There are two main phases to a certification: 1. Preperation Before any of your biochar or carbon removals can get certified you need to hand in some basic information. This information is usually facts and figures about your production facililty, process, some lab tests about the general quality of your biochar and any additional documents or calculations required by the standard. This is a one time task. 2. Certification The actual certification is a continous process. There is an extensive monitoring process to ensure the standard compliance of every batch of biochar/carbon removal produced. After the monitoring report is handed in, the certification is issued. This is a quick process, as all the basic production data and calculations stay the same. Let us know if you want to get more information about the certification process of a specific standard.
  • I have a different question...
    Just send us a message over our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

First Mover Offer

We evaluate your Potential

Contact us for a FREE

evaluation of your potential

on the carbon market.


Overview of all Certifications

You want to get all the

relevant information?

We put together an EXCLUSIVE guide on all standards and

carbon removal marketplaces.

First Mover Offer

Be a First Mover,
The carbon market is waiting for you!

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